SYNC! Your Meeting Files

Developed for fast paced meetings to keep presentation file revisions in sync with everyone involved!


The software


Meeting Files SYNC!

This software is the end all be all of event presentation file management. Oral presentations, video presentations, Poster sessions, or any other type of event file that needs to be managed can be handled by our Sync software.

We take your typical excel schedule and convert it to an easy to use online schedule.

Every presenter gets their own unique file management page where they can upload their presentation files.

Coordinators and event managers have access to review files from our simple interface whenever they need.

A/V teams are always in sync when using our software and any changes or notes that happen are communicated on their end without the need for emails or phone calls.

Sync was originally designed for the fast paced and constantly changing scientific meeting by Any Screen Inc out of Parker Colorado. The company needed to have a system that could keep the large number of Presenters and files in sync with the A/V team, Ready Room, and Coordinators. The ultimate stress test for the software is the yearly American Glaucoma Society meeting where presentations are done at the blurring pace of one every 7 minutes. Not only are these presentations fast and furious but they are constantly updated at the last minute. Revision errors and missing files were a problem and Sync solved that. Now a presenter can update from their hotel room or anywhere and everyone using Sync will have the new version. It just works.